Thursday, 12 January 2012

JANUARY 12, 2012

January 12:
Needless to say, I acted on my stupid idea. I have a soft spot for Jack, and I had to weight the pros and cons.
Pro: if I get attacked, it’s an excuse to destroy anything I can. I’m still ‘secretly’ pinning the blame for my amnesia on the Blind Man. If I wind up introducing myself to a Keeper or Martyr or something, I will happily paint the carpets red.
Con: they could probably do the same. Especially if they spot me as being something other than ‘regular’, first.
So far, it’s about as crowded as one might expect at eleven o’clock on a Thursday morning. There’s no one in here but a librarian and a couple of little kids. I don’t know if it’s the librarian who’s frigid, or if it’s just the library atmosphere, but it’s so cold in here I feel like I’m danger of losing a lesser-used finger to frostbite. Hence, I took the opportunity to type this up. When else will I find a computer? Plus, blood circulation to the hands.
I’m here looking for a children’s story book, or something. I’m seriously considering asking the little kids. They look like they could be Jack’s age, and how should I know what kids like…?
Fuck it. I’ll go for it. I don’t think children can be Archivists, anyway.

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