Wednesday, 20 June 2012

JUNE 20, 2012

Log from June 20th:

I shouldn’t use this blog for any kind of personal use, but as it still relates to our Mistress, I feel I’ve already set that precedent.
There has been no word from her since my previous log. I believe the other woman the Mistress mentioned – another Blood Vessel – is dead. Two days ago, an empty shell of a body was found rotting in the sun. Anyone in the area probably saw the headline, so I won’t bother adding the clip – I can just summarise.
The published version of the events was that there seemed to be a confrontation between the now-hollowed shell and the Mistress, in public view. A few nights ago, there was some sort of fight that broke out in front of a club downtown, leaving a few with injuries of varying severity and the street practically blood-soaked. The police made several arrests, but the instigators of the fight were nowhere to be found…at least, until that body turned up.
I don’t care too much for the published version. As her Priestess, I feel entitled to some guessing.
The Mistress was here first. The Mistress was the Vessel specially chosen. When another vessel came into power and was possessed by the Red Cap as well, her followers were divided. All power goes to the Red Cap, no matter which vessel the Scarlet-marked are bleeding for, but…I think Mistress just didn’t like her. Enough to take to bed and pass on her Red, perhaps, but not enough to share her power with. They had conflicting interests, or personalities, or something. Either way…the Mistress was displeased, and so she killed the vessel. Took the Red back.
The ‘fight’ was probably nothing more than what we Scarlet-marked are used to. I doubt there was fighting, to begin with. They probably made assumptions, when they saw the blood.
Regardless, I am certain the Mistress is still out there, probably still with the child and their dog, but the lack of communication fills me with dread.

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