Wednesday, 31 October 2012

OCTOBER 31, 2012

Log from October 31st:

I know you read this, and I don't care if you know.
I've become a Runner again. I'm Running from the Fears stalking from the shadows, and from you.
After receiving a bouquet on my doorstep - gardenias, azaleas, peonies, jonquil, red hyacinth and carnations (of course, red), amaryllis, sprigs of coriander, narcissus, and a single bachelor button - it was clearly time to go. I'm so close to being killed, or worse.
Unless she comes back to me...I'll be Running my entire life. I'm slowly coming to terms.
I'm the magnet, now. The Fear magnet. The rape magnet. The next Vessel.
If the Red Cap is inside me, the Mistress and I... I don't even know what that means, for her and I.


  1. The Smiling Man tends to play with its food, so it might be awhile before it actually kills you. Then again, a quick death might be preferable.