Friday, 6 April 2012

APRIL 6, 2012

Log for April 5th:

I think I understand.

Once upon a time
There was a little magnet
Who was afraid of everything.

She was a precious little magnet, but didn’t know it
And she was tugged in all directions
She was also an unlucky little magnet
Because all the things she feared wanted her for themselves.

Everyone was so busy fighting over the magnet that they didn’t notice
A monster waited in the snow and took the magnet
The little boy
Who had ice in his veins
Watched and tried to get their attention, but it was no use
The monster ate the magnet up

The magnet forgot to be afraid, forgot everything
But there was a new fear in the back of her brain.

The little magnet grew and grew until she wasn’t so little anymore
And the new fear waited.

The new fear waited until there was another monster.

Since the magnet forgot everything, the magnet forgot to feel weak
Her weakness was a secret
That she hid even from herself
And none of the reminders seemed to work.

She kept on forgetting and thinking she was okay
Until a second monster attacked.
The monster broke the magnet
And the new fear made itself a home.

Red seeped in
Red took hold
Red killed the monster
And the magnet was gone forever.


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