Tuesday, 25 September 2012

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012

Log from September 25th:

I made a terrible mistake. The Mistress is...beyond furious, with me.
She is keeping a closer eye on me - perhaps that's the best thing to come of this. I know she won't leave... I only regret that I have that kind of insurance through such means.
However...she's sent so many Marked after Russ that I fear her hunger is neglected. She has regressed to that weaker state. I know for certain, now, that when she's like this, it's as though her memory is wiped clean. She can't recall what's been going; it's all a fuzzy haze.
She asks for Jack, and for Razzie. She asks what's been happening. She eats and sleeps, as I do.


  1. they found me.
    however, for all their effort, they couldnt kill me. seems everyone forgot that you cant kill a red cap.
    itll take me a while to heal, but i had no blood to lose. the red cap stayed inside me. i'll lie low to recuperate, and then litle bird, i'm going to come for you. we'll be great on our own, without her. you know that. thats why you tried to leave in the first place.
    it looks to me like red doesnt do her own dirty work. that means the two of us can be eternal.

    1. Your kinds seems to bear some resemblance to the vampires of ancient myth. You say you can't be killed at all but I wonder how effective the cleansing power of fire would be if there were nowhere for the Redcap to escape the shell it's in to.

    2. Agreed, Proxie. Perhaps one of us should test that theory?

    3. They'll survive; they always do. I haven't met anyone that's killed a supernatural being and lived to tell the tale. Well, lived for long, at least.

      - Knight