Wednesday, 25 July 2012

JULY 25, 2012

Log from July 25th:

When lightning strikes
And storms brew
They’ll take my breath
My spirit, too
They’re taking me up
Somewhere high
Their calls ring out
The feathers fly
They pecked my eyes
My viscera spilled
A Murder’s home
But not yet killed
A living Nest
An awful itch
My scars mean I’ve
Become a witch.

July 25:
That was an excerpt from Jack’s book to keep the children entertained while I talk to the adults. Incidentally, are there any Scarlet-marked on here who let their children read this? Is it like a family-bonding thing, the kind of event that’s practiced in other religions? “Gather ‘round, family, while I read you my favourite Bible story.”
Wow, that was presumptuous even for me. Didn’t mean to call myself a religion.
Religions are based on second-hand, loosely-interpreted stories. This is beyond gospel.
Or maybe there are little Hunter-lets or Runner-babies crawling over keyboards and checking out the latest news… I’m all for romance on the Running scene.
My Priestess is alive and well, and back home. I’ve insisted on taking over my own blog for the next little while, though. She really needs to gain her strength back, and since she seems to be bleeding faster than her body can produce more, god knows she needs her rest and a high-iron diet.
Razzie and Jack have been very sweet. They brought her a whole liver, a few hours ago. She didn’t seem exactly thrilled, but she did wind up eating it after we seared the fucker for a good half-hour.
I’m not sure what the liver was from, but she didn’t ask, so I didn’t, either.
To my point: it seems someone has tracked down my Priestess’s personal email account. They’ve been sending her messages, calling her ‘his’. I’ll paste the most recent one in here:

My Priestess,
we both know you were chosen for a greater calling than merely spreading our word. we are beyond these simple chores, and you – our chosen – deserve to serve a greater vessel than this ‘magnet’.
i am a great vessel. where she has weaknesses, i have none. where your city is in a state of decay, mine has already reached the dirty depths – the moral pillars have crumbled and the MARKED are in prime position to take over. think of what you could accomplish here!
give it thought, my Priestess. i will wait to hear from you

First off, what the fuck kind of name is ‘Russ’?
Second: back the fuck off, Russ. I found her first.

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