Friday, 27 July 2012

JULY 27, 2012

Log from July 27th:

It’s actually not even funny anymore.
Russ. I’m sure you’re reading this. You’re likely well-aware of the fact that I’ve posted your whiny, clingy emails and mocked you in several ways. If you didn’t catch a couple of the ways I was being scornful, read between the lines.
I’ve gathered that you’re not from my area. You probably aren’t even in Canada. If you’re in the States, then congratulations; you’re spreading your mark where we need it. You’ll probably even find your very own little Priestess or Priest – hell, make your own. I highly recommend it. It’s my bad luck that my Priestess is also a vessel.
That’s right, fucker. You can’t tap that without spreading the Red Cap. I’d get inside her so fucking fast, if I even laid a hand on her, that you wouldn’t even have time to blink.
I’d lose my Priestess. If she was yours, you’d lose her, just the same as I would.
Get it yet, asshat?

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