Thursday, 26 July 2012

JULY 26, 2012 (PM)

Log from July 26th (PM):

Two hundred bucks today. Decent haul, considering they kicked my ad within an hour. More valuable than that, I added another marked to my steadily-growing pile of ‘em.
Ooh, pile of Scarlet-marked. Sounds like a party. Or ritual, or something. Whatever.
Anyway – today, we’ve received yet another piss-me-off from our good friend Russ. Let’s broadcast it to the world, shall we?


i am disappointed by your lack of response. we could be great; i would be even greater with you by my side, spreading my word, and you would be more fulfilled than you are with a lesser vessel.
i saw what you said – you once said you almostforgot your own name. being marked has consumed you but left you unfulfilled. that is not the purpose of thr mark. when you become mine, you are supposed to thrive, not be confined to a room or hospital bed. you would thrive, with me.
really think about it.


God, that is sad. There have got to be, what, maybe a handful of male vessels? And rather than play to your strengths, you whine at the Priestess I claimed first? Have you never heard of the sanctity of dibs? Worse – do you just flat-out disrespect said sacred word?
Most importantly, how the hell do you have her new email?

There is one of a thousand tales
That feature small clockwork details -
Every natural organ fails.

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