Thursday, 16 August 2012

AUGUST 16, 2012

Log from August 16th:

The teacher’s name was [REDACTED]. Taught at [REDACTED] for a number of years before developing strange habits. He had two daughters and one son – names not disclosed – and an unhappy marriage; they divorced almost a year before he first lost his job at the school. There’s a whole profile on him, online…apparently, he made himself pretty infamous.
He had a bunch of court cases that led to him being fired, all of them concerning inappropriate conduct, sexual violence, and then came the accusations of sexually abusing children. Nothing was proven, so he got off…and that lawyer must have been the same one OJ Simpson used, because two years later, he managed to get himself re-hired at the same school, in 1999.
And then in early December, he turned up dead and drained. It reportedly took a long while to identify the body.
I also thought it was worth noting that in every single picture, the tie he’s wearing is red.

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  1. a despicable choice of vessel. there were so many better candidates.