Thursday, 30 August 2012

AUGUST 30, 2012

It was one year ago when I first met the Mistress. When I gave myself to her, body and soul, blood red and bone white. I had been lost, so lost, trapped in a city that twisted like a snake, a maze that never ended. I had been lost for so long, that I no longer remembered the real world - and then I found myself in a portion of the city that was different. There were banners streaked crimson and the walls were made of red bricks and terracotta. She showed herself to me and I bled for her then and there. I was lost and then I was found. She brought me out from that city of the lost, through one of her Arteries, where the red was so pure that it was all I could see. She made me free and for that I bound myself to her.

August 20:

Hunting has started to really bore me. I mean, this whole killing-the-others business wasn’t really my idea. So…why should I bother, actually? If something comes for me, I will happily slaughter the fuck out of it. But actively hunting? Eh, I could live without it. Why bother when I can just indulge myself and get my Scarlet-marked to do the hunting, instead?
But I don’t think anything will come for me. Not directly. It’s been years since I took this vessel officially, after all. If they wanted to do something to me, directly, they would have by now.
I think they don’t attack me for the same reason they don’t attack each other.
a) Because Freddy VS. Jason and Alien VS. Predator were both terrible movies and
b) Why the fuck would we? We may compete, but I don’t give a flying fuck if my Scarlet-marked serve anyone else. That’s their prerogative.
Hm. Maybe they’ll just go after someone else, instead. Like my little Priestess.
Oh, that makes so much sense, now. Wonder how she’s doing.

August 21:

Speaking of Marked serving another Fear…
I took a little dip out of the Empty City to scope for Scarlet-marked. You know, just so that I’m not writing these logs for myself. No offence to people who keep diaries, but…seriously? Who takes time out of their day to tell themselves about the things they just experienced?
Oh, right, mortals.
Oh right, and people who think they’re mortal. That’s cute, actually, forget I said anything.
I walked past this alley in the dead of night and happen to hear some good, old-fashioned sex caterwauling. None of that muffled moaning everyone seems to keen on, when they do it in public. I could practically taste the blood flowing as I started getting close, so I know they’re marked.
And wouldn’t you know it, one of them is covered in grey. I guess it only makes sense that the pair of them were that loud…and, a fetish for Greyskins? Yeah, she was hardcore Scarlet-marked, that kinky bitch.
That grey-moss-stuff seemed to just soak up the guy’s nosebleed, as a matter of interest. Anyway. Rather than interrupt, I just kept going to find another Marked. I’d hate to break up a couple with that much in common.
Both of them could screech like wow.

August 24:

Think I heard something passing through here, sometime last night. Back in the day, that would have worried ‘me’.
Strangely, whatever it was chose not to bother getting my attention in any way. I was a little hurt.

August 25:

Razzie’s come back to me, but no Jack. I’m wondering if he was the one who was hanging around, yesterday.
He seems much better disposed towards me, incidentally. Maybe because I don’t have any secrets, anymore. If there are two things I’m all about, it’s sexual depravity, and honesty being the best policy.

August 30:

Time to leave the Empty City, I think.

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