Friday, 17 August 2012

AUGUST 17, 2012 (PM)

Log from August 17th:

Is this what Mary felt like when she was visited by Gabriel? Is this what those crazy religious fanatics that claim to have seen God feel?

Just being in her presence makes my blood boil in the best of ways. I feel blessed. I would write poetry about this, if I weren't such a shitty writer.

My Mistress graced me with one of her logs. I have read them for so long. I am truly honored to be given the task to now record them.

August 15:

Being this liberated means I’ve discovered shit about myself that I never have before. I’ve never been able to connect this completely with a Vessel before.
I don’t need to eat. I don’t need to sleep. I don’t need to drink.
That’s right, fuck you, Campers. To think, I used to believe there was a risk of you fuckers getting Her to taint me. Although, you know what? I wouldn’t mind. I think It and I could really hit it off. The only thing I dislike is being part of that hive-mind thing. I already have to share my head with…well, myself. Wouldn’t want anyone else in there.
As long as the Scarlet-marked feed me, I’m just grand. And they always feed me. Every deviant that bleeds, or orgasms – that’s in my name. Unless the entire world takes a vow of celibacy, I’m eternal.
Man, what a pleasant revelation. It feels good to be me.
And it feels good to praise me, too. Go ahead, person-reading-this. Go feel good.

August 16:

Found this page in my bag, and it actually made me a little sad. I miss Jack – at least he was someone to talk to.
Think I’ll go have a night on the town. Got to get some of this hunger out of my system.

IT and HER but never SHE
My obsession set me free
Ink has spread inside of me
Drowning is my remedy.

Life is better, you’ll agree
Everything else leaves you be
Fixation is heavenly
I’ve been swallowed by the sea.


  1. Hopefully the bleeding and orgasms don't happen at the same time.

  2. Hey other Anonymous! Wanna go have bleeding orgasms with me? It'll be fuuuuun~!