Sunday, 5 August 2012

AUGUST 5, 2012

Log from August 5th:

I have this feeling the Mistress has gone somewhere. Her anger towards Russ was…beyond description, and I have to wonder if she’s gone after him.
There has been no word from her, at all. I still get the sense that I am being stalked, in some way. It’s this sense of…crushing danger. It’s watching me because it wants to hurt me.
It’s been getting worse, since she left.

1 comment:

  1. hello priestess
    not to worry your ‘mistress’ did not come for me, herself
    she has sent Marked to me. apparently she believes that being the primary vessel gives her more sway over them
    sadly she may be right. but i can change that
    if I have what she has I can be great, and i will take you with me.
    WE can be great.
    you could be so much more than an unused vessel
    and with that power, He will not be able to hurt you. you wouldn’t have to run.
    - RUSS